Living God

Money, Money, Money

Keeping hold of money can separate us from God, cause us anxiety, and lead to bad choices. Yet if we invest our money in God’s kingdom we can find peace and joy and purpose.


Good Marriage 2: Sacrifice and Marriage

In Christian marriage each partner should seek the good of the other ahead of their own.

4 Characteristics of a Good Marriage

In a Christian marriage faithfulness is essential.  This is what it means to be married as a Christian. It is to give yourself to one other person.

Good Sex 4: Sex Should Be Fruitful

This week I want to look at a central aspect of the gift of sex that is often undervalued in contemporary Western culture but for the vast majority of people across the world throughout history has been the central or one of the central purposes of sex: sex is designed to be fruitful.

Good Sex 3: Sex Should Be Sacrificial

We’re back and looking at one of the most distinctive elements of a Christian understanding of God’s intention for sex: sex is designed to be sacrificial.

Good Sex 2: Sex Should Be Faithful

Passion can be dangerous. It can lead us to use other people as tools to satisfy our own desires. It needs to be controlled and channelled well if it is to be enjoyed and used well. The corollary of our belief that sex should be passionate, therefore, is that it should be faithful.

Good Sex 1: Sex Should Be Passionate

Ssex is designed to be passionate and it points us to God’s love for us in Christ.

Sex is not Shameful

Sex is not inherently sinful or shameful and when we treat it as if it is we diminish our understanding of God and cause harm to each other.

Sex is not God

In our culture sex is treated as an ultimate good in life or as central to our identity. For Christians this mistakes the gift for the Giver and diminishes our enjoyment and use of sex.

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