Living God

Why Read the Psalms?

As we read and pray the Psalms, our view of God gets bigger, our prayer life gets more honest, and our hope for the future grows.


Worship in Spirit and Truth

True Christian worship is in Spirit and in Truth, meeting an eternal God in a way that is meaningful and truthful for contemporary people.

Together 2019: Partners in the Gospel

One of the main reasons we partner with together with other churches is so that we can achieve more for the kingdom of God than we would ever be able to on our own.

Together 2019: Supporting Each Other

Heather and I have just returned from a conference for Elders and wives in the New Ground network. It was a really great time and I want to share some of the highlights with you. This is partly because I... Continue Reading →

Victory: Why the Resurrection of Jesus Matters

The resurrection of Jesus is the greatest, most certain, and most hopeful fact of human history. It changes everything.

The Gift of Prophecy

God wants to speak through each of us to show us he loves us, build us up, and challenge us to become like Jesus.

Praying in Tongues

Praying in tongues – with the spirit instead of the mind – is one of the best ways to engage with God, pray through situations and develop an effective prayer life.

Spiritual Weapons

The Spirit of God wants to use each one of us in different ways, natural and supernatural, to fight for good and light and life. Will we work with him?

Warriors: Introducing the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is God with us giving us power to worship, our work and war for the kingdom of God.

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