Welcome to my new blog. I’ll be posting thoughts and reflections on church life and theology usually aimed at integrating contemporary charismatic and Baptist life with ancient Christianity.

You might be wondering why we need any more blogs, particularly niche theological ones. That’s a fair point. But there are three reasons why I think this might be helpful.

First, I think that at times a lot of contemporary Christian life can fall somewhere between two camps. On the one hand the ancient churches struggle to adapt to new missionary situations. On the other free-churches (by which I mean any of the churches flowing from the radical Reformation such as Baptists and congregationalists) and charismatic churches can find themselves increasingly adrift from historic Christian teaching and liturgical practice. I want to try and share my journey drawing from both streams. Because I am a Baptist pastor this will mostly be applied in a free-church context.

Second, in my conversations with other worship leaders and pastors in similar situations to myself they have expressed a similar desire to think about how we can integrate our church worship and teaching into the ancient church without losing our own identity.

Finally, even if this is all unnecessary, there are lots of things we don’t need but that are still enjoyable and (sometimes) edifying. When I think about croissants, pretty much any Spurs team from the 1990s and 2000s, push scooters and countless other things, I don’t think they’re necessary, but they do pass the time in a fun way. Maybe this will be the same.

Feel free to join me on the journey.

(image from https://www.flickr.com/photos/chrisinplymouth/3781549100 via Creative Commons)