This week we’re working through 1 Samuel 16:1-13. It is where we meet the third major actor in our story, David, the man who would be the greatest king in Israel’s history. It is a story all about how God sees beyond what we can.

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God Sees What is Hidden

That brings us to our final point that ties these two together: God sees what is hidden.

We can feel that our lives are insignificant – that no one sees our pain, like Samuel. Or that no one sees us pursuing love in the unglamorous, unknown parts of life. God’s choice of David demonstrates that is wholly untrue. God sees, God knows, he is pleased with our faithfulness and waiting to weave you into the great tapestry of his plans.

Whether it is developing patience through endlessly being tested by a toddler who can’t control himself; or having to refuse to act corruptly with others at work; or bearing the pain and loneliness of bereavement; or trying again and again to walk with God at school among people who think you are foolish or prudish or weird; or faithfully getting into the Bible and praying for your family and friends,

No life is hidden from God and no life is insignificant to him.

David is off performing a menial task, forgotten about by his own father, and not even on the horizon of the prophet. Yet God has already seen him and is preparing the way for him to be used.

Wherever you are and however hidden you feel, keep going.

  • Grieve, but keep going.
  • Pursue holiness, and keep going.
  • Look for those who are stumbling or weary and help them to keep going.

God has great plans for you in the year ahead. So keep going and growing, loving him and others.


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